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"Chase Jackson not only weaves a story that will keep you up late into the night, but more importantly, he reminds us that our pasts will always resurface and come back to haunt us.”   ~Shannon Raab (Media Professional) for NetGalley

"His writing really sparked my curiosity. This was the first book I’ve read in a while that involves paranormal experiences, and I am glad I chose to read this book."

                               ~Makayla Owen for Polyvore    

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"It's been a long time since a book has kept me up past 1am. I just had to know what happened next. The pacing is perfect and the characters are really well written."

                                          -Marsha Osbourne for NetGalley

"Very well written and this story does not drag out forever like some books I have read. I love the way that Chase kept you guessing and wondering how it was all going to end!!"

                             -Melanie Hutchinson for NetGalley

"The characters have a very real voice, you tend to feel as though you are a part of the story. Have fun Screaming at the book while you read it!”

                 ​                 ~Annabelle Garcia for Blame it on the Books

​"​It reminds me quite a bit of almost the Sixth Sense and the Craft in the way the story moves, I really enjoyed it!" 
                                                   ~Donna Maguire for NetGalley