Fall 2015 Short Story 

It's a warm, Thursday evening at The University of West Georgia.  Jessica, a shy and studious freshman has been studying in her dorm room for her English Composition test tomorrow. Her roommate, Lauren, an outgoing and flirtatious freshman, has been invited to a party at an apartment off campus. Lauren begged Jessica to come to the party with her, but Jessica refused because she has to study. After twenty minutes of begging, Jessica finally give in to Lauren and agreed to go to the party. 

Later that evening, Jessica and Lauren are dressed and ready to go to the party. As they are walking down the hallway of their dorm, they turn into their staircase to see the back of a young girl with long, straight black hair, sitting in the middle of the top stair. 

"Excuse me," Lauren said to the girl.

The girl, who looked to young to be in college but rather middle school, looked back angrily at Lauren, then moved aside so Lauren and Jessica can pass. Neither Jessica or Lauren have seen this little girl before. The roommates walk outside and are getting ready to get into Lauren's car. Jessica said to Lauren that she needed to go back to their room and get her phone charger. Jessica goes back through the staircase, but the little girl is not there. Jessica retrieved her phone charger and as she is walking down the hallway, she turns into the staircase. This time, the same little girl is sitting in the middle of the staircase once again.

"Excuse me," Jessica said.

The little girl, with deep set brown eyes, slowly looked back at Jessica. She noticed that the little girl has tears in her eyes. Before Jessica can utter  a word the little girls said, "No, I can't let you..."

                                                                           Complete the short story

The Chase J. Jackson Creative Writing Scholarship was started in 2015 to help students who have a passion for writing and plan on majoring in English.

Deadline: Dec 1
Award: $1000 

The Chase J. Jackson Creative Writing Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate English majors and graduating high school seniors who plan on majoring in English. The $1000 award is given for the academic year divided over two semesters. The Scholarship prize will be in the form of a check made payable to the accredited postsecondary institution of higher education attended by the scholarship prize recipient (once the scholarship prize recipient has enrolled in an accredited postsecondary institution of higher education and submitted proof of enrollment). The scholarship prize recipient must submit proof of enrollment on or before Dec. 31, 2021.

 In order to be eligible for the $1000 award, applicants must complete a short story started by Mr. Jackson in 750 words or less. The award will be given to the applicant with the most creative plot and overall message. 

                            Chase J. Jackson Creative Writing Scholarship


 Chase J.Jackson